Kick-off meeting (December, 15)

The initial meeting of the Hypernex project took place on 15th of December 2020.

Due to the current pandemic situation it was made through the ZOOM platform. Twenty-five people attended.

M Luisa Mtz Muneta (UPM) welcomed the participants. She described the technical capabilities of the UPM. She made a brief introduction to Hyperlop as a means of transport and briefly described the project’s objectives as well as its timetable.

Our Project officer Gorazd Marinic (S2R)made a description of S2R within the research in Europe. He explained the framework where the HYPERNEX project is developed. He finally explained financial and contractual terms of the project.

Ivette Trinidad (UPM) spoke of project management and administrative issues (WP1).

Annie Kortsari (CERTH) presented WP2- Observatory. She explained the role of the different participants within the WP.

We were able to count on the presence of Leonardo Dongiovanni (DG Move) who explained DG MOVE’s strategy. 

Konstantinos Gkoumas (JCR) participated from JRC explaining Europe’s view of emerging technologies.

Finally Carlo Borghini (S2R) explained the importance of hyperloop so the Hypernex project represents a point of attention on which a lot of interest is placed internationally

Proff. Stefano Ricci introduced the WP3 – Technical definitions.  

Alvaro Calvo (UPM) summarized the WP4 – Transferability and roadmap beyond HYPERNEX.

From the IUC, Christine Hassoun spoke of the importance of dissemination in such projects. All activities must be collected for the final report.

It finally moved on to question-and-answer time.