European Researchers’ Night and Hyperloop.

The European Researchers’ Night allowed us to share with families the possibilities of the Hyperloop.

Thanks to the Spanish Railway Foundation (FFE) and the Railway Museum, we were able to transmit the advantages and the way the Hyperloop works to the general public.

Two 1:30 h workshops were held where the attendees (parents with their children) were explained what the Hyperloop is; how it works and they also participated in an activity on the design of future Hyperloop stations.

For the activity, a tube was designed inside which there was a polystyrene ball (the POD) and which, due to the pressure difference, moved at high speed within the tube. This artifact was not a realistic but conceptual representation of what a Hyperloop is.

The activity had the support of Angeles Tauler for the FFE and Juan de Dios Sanz who spoke about S2R and the railroad in Europe.