HYPERNEX Final Conference: boosting the European Hyperloop Ecosystem

Last 23 February held the Final Concerence of the HYPERNEX Project in online format .

There were 131 registered attendees. In the following figure there is the origin of the registered attendees. Finally 100 people have been connected to our event.

Attendees to the Final Conference by country

The HYPERNEX project aims to shorten the development and implementation times of the Hyperloop in Europe by gathering all relevant information and data for its development. Europe is leading the way in the design and development of new forms of mobility and the development of the hyperloop will help it maintain its leadership. It is not only an opportunity for transport but also for European industry as a whole, as the hyperloop will bring new opportunities for the development of technologies and patents.

The final Agenda of the event was:

Initial timeFinal TimeSpeakersDescription
9:45:0010:00:00Oscar Garcia- Dean of ETSII-UPMOpening, welcome words
10:00:0010:10:00M Luisa Mtz  Muneta- UPMPresentation of the agenda. Hypernex Introduction
10:10:0010:20:00Gorazd Marinic – EU-Rail JUIPX: HYPERNEX
10:20:0010:35:00Lambros Mitropoulos – CerthObservatory
10:35:0011:00:00Jaime Tamarit-JCT20Hypernex  and standardization
11:00:0011:15:00Stefano Ricci- DICEATechnical specifications
11:15:0011:30:00Luz Smith- ZelerosTransferability and roadmap beyond HYPERNEX
11:30:0011:40:00Q&AChat Questions
11:40:0011:50:00Coffee Break 
11:50:0012:35:00Moderator: Juan de Dios Sanz-UPM


• Carlo BORGHINI (EU-Rail JU)
• Konstantinos GKOUMAS (JRC)
• Torben HOLVAD (ERA)
Roundtable: Next steps beyond HYPERNEX
12:35:0012:45:00Q&AChat Questions
12:45:0012:55:00M Luisa Mtz  Muneta-UPMClosure